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Xvelte Slimming
Users’ privacy is very important to Xvelte Slimming Formula.
How Do We Collect Information?
Users will never be implicitly added to any marketing lists. Users  subscribe
to  mailing lists by clicking on a checkbox in a form that clearly  states what
the checkbox means. The User has the right to opt-in or opt-out at any time.
What Information Do We Collect?
Xvelte Slimming may collect personally identifiable information
from Users in a variety of ways, including through online forms for
ordering products and  services, and other instances where Users are
invited to volunteer such information. XSF may also collect information
about how Users use  our Web site, for example, by tracking the number of
unique views  received by the pages of the Web  site or the  domains from
which  Users originate. We may use  “cookies” to track how Users use our
Web site. A cookie is a  piece of software that a Web server can  store on the
Users’ PC  and use to identify the User  should  they visit the Website  again.
While not all of the information that  we  collect from Users is  personally
identifiable,  it may be   associated with personally identifiable information
that Users provide us through our Website.
How We Use Information
XSF may use personally identifiable information collected through our web
site to contact Users regarding products and services offered by Xvelte Slimming Formula
and otherwise to enhance Users’ experience with us. XSF
may also use information collected through  our Web site for research
regarding the effectiveness of the Web site and the marketing,
advertising and sales efforts of XSF.
Disclosure of Information
Xvelte Slimming Formula will not disclose information collected from Users to
third   parties. However, we may disclose aggregate, anonymous data based
on information collected from Users to investors and potential partners.
Finally, we may transfer information collected from Users in connection with
a sale of XSF’s  business.
Maintenance of  Information
Information about Users that is maintained on our systems is
protected using industry standard security measures.
Users may direct questions concerning this Privacy Policy by email to
contact @Xvelte Slimming

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